• Ulinity is for your WORK as a coach and much more...

    Your Work In Alignment with who YOU are.

    It is for coaches, trainers, teachers, facilitators and others who work professionally with Individuals.

  • For When You Need to Believe Again...

    Very often we as professionals, have doubts when we can’t or don’t see that we are helping a client.


    We can feel stuck as a coach because of our own self-doubt.


    Sometimes it takes only one session to make you believe again.


    Sometimes it will take a few sessions and in between, you will have a new backpack of useful knowledge and tools for your work.

    Individual Client Cases...

    When you need, we may also work on individual client cases to help you discover why you reached that ‘blind alley’.


    Definitely, you will be challenged with your own blind spots. You will also discover your hidden strengths.


    You will take a more holistic approach to your clients. You will learn how to work on a higher level (levels of consciousness and more...) and as a result, the behavior of your clients or the problems you are facing will change automatically.

    Catalyst for Change...

    Very often I work as a catalyst for change, as a source or gateway to transformation.


    I will share my knowledge and show you how to expand your approach so that you can work more deeply and holistically with your clients.

    These sessions are completely confidential, held in private in a safe place where you may share all your fears and concerns and move forward in a positive way in your work.

  • Ulinity

    Infinitely You

  • Professional Experience

    I am Development Artist, Mentor, Culture Creator and Guide Here. This is my story.

    Ula Banasik Creator & Founder of Ulinity

    I am Passionate about People

    ICC Certified Coach, Diploma in Art Therapy, 7 Years Coaching Experience.

    I believe in them. I believe in YOU. I believe in the infinite possibilities of you. Now can be the moment when you decide which direction you choose to go. The path of discovering and experiencing the true you or the path of staying wherever you are. It's okay. Both are okay.

    Ula Banasik Creator & Founder of Ulinity

    A Champion of Culture

    Ph.D Student in Cultural Studies, Masters in Human Resources & Economy of Psychology, Certified Facilitator, 15 Years Experience Leading & Supervising Teams.

    I take a modern approach to every business specializing in building Pro-Business HR Teams. It's about re-inventing human resources for organisational wide cultural change and all that entails.

    Ula Banasik Creator & Founder of Ulinity

    I am an Expansive Thinker

    Soul Mentoring (USA), DNA Light Up (France), How Great Marketing Works (Ireland).

    I like to look in different places for answers. It allows me flexibility around which tools I choose for each scenario. I am not limited by convention.

  • In Our Learning Sessions You Will...

    Learn how to work at a Higher Level and Take an Interdisciplinary, Holistic approach

    Be Challenged by your Blind Spots AND Discover your Hidden Strengths

    Observe the behaviour of your Clients Transform Immediately with these New Tools

    Uplift yourself as a Coach or Mentor and become an Awakening Force.

  • In their own words...

    Insights from Clients

    Working with Ula was an unforgettable experience. ...

    She will take you on a journey to undiscovered areas. Your reality will never be the same again.


    Directly but with the deepest concern, all doors to the deepest truth, will be opened. You will understand the most obvious things, so obvious that you had never thought about them before.


    These sessions are for brave people who are open to understanding themselves. I'm glad I took the journey.


    Agnieszka Kowalska (HR Director), Poland

  • How Does it Work?

    Let's take a practical, one-on-one journey and help you take your work to a deeper level!

    In Alignment - One Session

    30 Minute Intro - Complementary

    I invite you to schedule a FREE 30 Minute Introductory Session together.

  • Let's Work Together

    Let me show you how Alignment works.... how Ulinity works.

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