• Hi, My Name is

    Ula Banasik

    I will be your guide on this journey.

  • I am an intuitive writer.

    All words come from my soul.

    Here I am for you. For Infinitely YOU.

    Let my poetry guide you.

    To the sunny harbor.

    Guided by the lighthouse which has always been there.

    Even when you couldn't see it.

    Let my writings show you the journey to your true self.

    You are returning to your own infinity.

  • more pieces of me

    I am a Writer, Development Artist, Mentor, Businesswoman and Guide Here. This is my story.

    Ula Banasik Creator & Founder of Ulinity

    Passionate about People

    ICC Certified Coach, Diploma in Art Therapy, 12 Years Coaching & Mentoring Experience.

    I believe in humanity. I believe in YOU. I believe in the infinite possibilities of each person. I like to encourage people to walk the path of discovering and experiencing the true infinitely YOU.

    Ula Banasik Creator & Founder of Ulinity

    Wonder Woman and A Champion of Culture

    Ph.D Studies in Cultural Studies, Masters in Human Resources & Economy of Psychology, Certified Facilitator, 18 Years as a People&Culture (HR) Leader, Experience Leading & Supervising Teams.

    I take a modern approach to every business, building super-powered teams and boosting organizational culture with a heart & soul and the latest technology. It's about re-inventing the approach to People & Culture the way of thinking and acting, which brings significant organizational-wide cultural change and all that entails.

    Ula Banasik Creator & Founder of Ulinity

    Expansive Thinker

    The art and practice of Soul Mentoring (USA), DNA Light Up (France), How Great Marketing Works (Ireland), and many more...

    I like to look in different places for answers. It allows me to expand and be more flexible with the words and tools. I am not limited by convention and social constraints.

    Ula Banasik Creator & Founder of Ulinity

    Solid live experience 

    I am a mother of a teen boy, crazy about my chihuahua doggy, I fought many life battles and lived even more adventures. I have been living in a few countries already and for now, I found my home in Portugal.

    I have a great passion for life itself. You might feel it the moment I walk into the room;)

  • Come with me on that Journey to YOU.

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