• Insights from Clients

    She starts the Ignition and it goes on from there...

    Working with Ula is very inspiring. You leave with the attitude that you can change something.


    She can name sometimes complicated matters for us and it is such a punchline/breakthrough moment. She listens to her intuition and can draw on the subject in such a way that it has significant meaning for us.


    It goes beyond the limits and extracts us beyond our limitations.


    Aneta, Poland

    Ula is a Shining Light


    She's honest, pure, authentic and just makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.


    She is sensitive and empathic towards others and it didn't matter how vulnerable I felt sharing my story. I felt understood and heard.


    She's this gorgeous, wild woman, beautiful inside and out. I'm so grateful that our paths crossed and I know, that I'll always have her support.


    Olga, Germany

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