• Hi, My Name is Ula

    and I will be your guide on this journey...

  • The Purpose is You. Infinitely You. This is Ulinity.

    Expect an Intervention. One filled with Truth. It’s a truth designed to help you move forward, to get past what has held you back before. I can see when you are close enough to take a small step or a leap forward. The choice is always yours and I’ll show you that it’s possible.

    I have a Host of Tools to Work with and there is Space for Everyone.

    This is a working journey and every step has purpose. Sometimes it’ll feel like you’re running or climbing and sometimes you actually are. Sometimes it’s loud and noisy and other times there is silence. It can get uncomfortable at times and always with purpose.

    I’ll show you that the journey is to yourself.

    You can trust this. You are returning to your own power, your own infinity.

    It's Safe Now

  • Ulinity

    Infinitely You

  • Ulinity is about the Art of Development

    Development of the Self is an Art in itself and Ulinity is about identifying

    and allowing the right tools to be chosen to help you on your journey.

  • There's a Science to this Art

    It's a science I've studied for over 20 years. The ability to marry psychology and organisational theory with coaching and a host of other proven methodologies lies at the heart of Ulinity.


    Then, I add 15 years of experience to the mix and the art happens in how I select which methodology will work best in each individual circumstance.


    Ulinity is about knowing when you need a reboot or just an upload of a new program. And sometimes you just need to have some fun. This journey doesn’t always have to be so serious.


    Information comes quickly in this process and you’ll always have a choice about making that next step. Just know, we’re clearing the way ahead for you. In the end, you will see you can be your own biggest supporter. I will hold the space for you all the way.

  • I Will Be Your Guide

    I am Development Artist, Mentor, Culture Creator and Guide Here. This is my story.

    Ula Banasik Creator & Founder of Ulinity

    I am Passionate about People

    ICC Certified Coach, Diploma in Art Therapy, 7 Years Coaching Experience.

    I believe in them. I believe in YOU. I believe in the infinite possibilities of you. Now can be the moment when you decide which direction you choose to go. The path of discovering and experiencing the true you or the path of staying wherever you are. It's okay. Both are okay.

    Ula Banasik Creator & Founder of Ulinity

    A Champion of Culture

    Ph.D Student in Cultural Studies, Masters in Human Resources & Economy of Psychology, Certified Facilitator, 15 Years as a People&Culture (HR) Leader, Experience Leading & Supervising Teams.

    I take a modern approach to every business specializing in building Pro-Business HR Teams. It's about re-inventing HR for organizational wide cultural change and all that entails.

    Ula Banasik Creator & Founder of Ulinity

    I am an Expansive Thinker

    Soul Mentoring (USA), DNA Light Up (France), How Great Marketing Works (Ireland).

    I like to look in different places for answers. It allows me flexibility around which tools I choose for each scenario. I am not limited by convention.

  • Come with me on that Journey to YOU.

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