• Infinitely You is for YOU

    This is One on One Soul Mentoring to help you be more authentic and get to know your true self... Who YOU actually are...

  • Are you feeling empty or lost on your way through life? Are you missing something deeper in your life?


    Do you feel stuck on your life path? Are some stories coming back again and again to your life and are you tired of it?


    Do you feel like an outsider in your society? Someone outside of the cultural norms and rules?

  • As a soul mentor, I create the opportunity for YOU to be heard. During the mentoring sessions, you will discover what do you want and whether your life aligns with your needs.

  • In Our Soul Mentoring Sessions You Will...

    Gain Yourself - Infinitely You

    You will start to wake up...

    You will overcome whats stopping you from being you. You will align yourself with authentic You. You will feel an Embrace of the Infinity that is You.

    Recognize Your Patterns

    These are what is Stopping You...

    You will create new patterns which will support you on your life path in alignment with your Soul's Purpose.

    Receive deep Insights

    They always come...

    When they come I will feel and know what to do. It might be playful and fun, it might be scary. Whatever comes we will use it for your growth.

    Catalyse your growth

    Ignite the process of your transformation...

    Very often I work as a catalyst for change, as a source or gateway to your transformation. When it starts it will evolve by itself and let you awaken step by step.

  • Ulinity

    Infinitely You

  • How Does it Work?

    Let's take a practical, one-on-one journey of alignment!

    Infinitely You - 30 Minute Introductory Call

    30 Minute Intro - Complementary

    I invite you to schedule a FREE 30 Minute Introductory Session together.

  • Insights from Clients

    An Unforgettable Experience...

    I had a pleasure to work with Ula during private individual sessions. It was an unforgettable experience and led to a new way of life for me. When you work with her, Ula takes you for a journey to undiscovered areas where reality will be never the same for you again.


    Directly but with the deepest concern, all doors to the deepest truth, will be opened. You will understand the most obvious things, so obvious that you had never thought about it in this way before. This session is for brave people who are open to understanding themselves.


    Agnieszka Kowalska (HR Director), Poland

  • Let's Work Together

    Let me show you how "Infinitely You" works....

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