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This is My One Suitcase Life Story

is all about Letting Go...

This is My One Suitcase Life Story 

It is my life story. 

'Train yourself to let go everything that you are afraid to lose...' Yoda master

This quote says it all. Isn't it ?

We are so afraid of loosing: people, money, work, family, things... 

#Old things

I have spent lately a lot of time helping my friend to pack her clothes from the old house when she was moving to the new one to another country.

Wow, what a process it was. Each thing was analysed by her for 1-3 minutes if it goes or if it stays… It took altogether a few hours to make my friend let go of … clothes. It was exhausting. But the exhaustion part was not the packing part but her resistance to leaving behind .. again clothes. We are talking about things here...

So how we act /feel when it comes to the other luggage we carry?

With old life parts: patterns, behaviours which don't serve us anymore, emotions, relations and with letting go of the people who don't bring anything good to us anymore. It is ever a much harder and longer process for most people.

What about old memories?

They are not real anymore, it is just a memory…

And how much does it define you now?

Yes, I know its hard.

Old things are so heavy, why to carry so much all the time?

You carry one bag, then you put more into this bag and then you put on another bag without taking down the older bag.

This must be really heavy (and stinky as old things without ventilation do not smell the best! do they?;)

So often you say I want this, I want that.

Make a space for the new.

How can you hang a new dress if you don’t have space in your wardrobe?

Or you will not see what you already have because there are so many things in there.


'Train yourself to let go of everything you are afraid to lose…'

This metaphor of one suitcase life is not accidental.

It is my life story.

How was I trained to let go…

When I was 13 my parents started to run a kind of bed and breakfast place on the Baltic Sea. The great thing was that I had own huge room with own bathroom. I literally was living in the small hotel. The other side of this was that each Summer I would pack all my stuff and moved out from my room, as it was rented to guests.

After first-year of moving out from my room, when I came back I unpacked everything that was in the boxes stored in our garage.

After second year I unpacked only a few things.

After the third year, I have never even looked at what I packed. Of course, I had some of my stuff with me.

I had one big suitcase. I didn't need anything more.

[If you were wondering where I lived each summer, no worries I tell you now, in a camper outside, btw. this could be another great story of learning independence and freedom;)]

I remember somehow, I got the idea of being free those days and I loved this feeling of freedom. This sense that my whole 'life' those days can be packed in one suitcase.

For now, I have been moving already 16 times in my life (plus 3 long-term international assignments). It motivated me each time not to carry too much. I can literally see how much stuff I have with each moving (and I do not have that much stuff...). Now even though I have lived already 5 years in the same place I still do this check up ones a while to make sure that I do not accumulate too much (and I still do accumulate little bit from time to time ... and then get rid of my ‘excess baggage’ AS THIS IS NOW MY LIFE PRACTICE.

Repack your life. Start with your wardrobe. Next do your desk. And step by step release some space in your home.

Great feeling. Brightness and lightness. And it gives me a lot of space...

#Letting go

It is scary. I can't say it isn’t. We have so many attachments, and they are plugged deeply into our bodies, minds, emotions.

Attachments are plugged so deeply that letting go of them can sometimes feel like falling into the void. There is nothing to hold on to anymore. For a moment.

If you learn (with each time it is easier and easier) to leave in ambiguity, in uncertainty for a periods of time you will make a space for a change in your life.

My natural character, my value of freedom, and my life experience allow me to let go of many things and many relationships from the past quite easily.

It doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

It does…

Sometimes badly.

But I do not tend to transform pain into suffering...

Pain is the pain.

It Hurts and then it goes away, sometimes it takes time. Yet remeber not to stay in that pain forever.

Carry your Life Light. Make it a one suitcase life. 

photo by Steve Halama

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